"Special envoy to lure the 2025 World Expo" (World Expo Special Luring Envoy) appointed.

○To lure the 2025 World Expo to Osaka, Foreign Minister Kono entrusted duties related to luring the World Expo to the following people as "Special envoys to lure the 2025 World Expo" (World Expo special luring envoy).

・Mr. Genshitsu Sen
・Ms. Junko Koshino
・Mr. Yoshifumi Okamura
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, In charge of Africa development meeting (TICAD), holding dual positions of being in charge of UN Security Council reform & Ambassador in charge of human rights)

In addition, it has been decided that the following people will also be entrusted with the same duty. (Handing over ceremony is planned separately)
・Mr. Keisuke Honda
・Mr. Shinya Yamanaka

○For those chosen as special luring envoys, it is expected that they will utilize their popularity overseas and proactively disseminate both in Japan and to overseas what is good first about our country and Osaka/Kansai towards attracting the World Expo and working as one for the nation.

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