Message from the Board


Sadayuki Sakakibara

Chairman of KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation)

The theme for EXPO 2025 OSAKA is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.”
At present, in Japan, the government and private sector are jointly promoting a national project called “Society 5.0.”


“Society 5.0” is designed to realize a future where people's lives and society are optimized by making full use of innovative technologies such as IoT, AI, robots, and Big Data.


The future society we aim to realize is a society in which global problems, such as problems including medical and healthcare, food and agriculture, the environment and climate change, energy and resources, safety and disaster prevention, and human and gender equality, are solved. Such a society would be exactly the embodiment of a society in which the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been achieved. We, Japan, wish to be a lead contributor in the efforts to transform our world into a society in which all SDGs are fully achieved. By being the front runner in finding solutions to SDGs, we aim to achieve our own development as well as that of the whole world.


We believe that EXPO 2025 OSAKA is the perfect occasion to share this vision of a future society with fellow people from all over the world.


EXPO 2025 OSAKA will not be a singular event, but the start of a movement. The Expo will be transformed into a People’s Living Lab, in which new ideas are freely exchanged and recognised from the moment Japan (Osaka, Kansai) is conferred the privilege of hosting, leading up to and beyond 2025.


The Committee, together with the government, the business community, Osaka prefecture, Osaka City, and all other parties involved will work with all our strength for the bidding activities as a unified team.


Let us work together to realize EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI in Japan.


Ichiro Matsui

Osaka prefectural governor

Half a century after Expo 1970 Osaka welcomed 60 million visitors; Osaka is once again aiming to host the World Expo.


The Kansai region that includes Osaka has long been a hub of political, economic, and cultural activities, and is even now overflowing with diverse values and energy, driven by the people’s enterprising spirit and far-reaching outlook into the future, to continue to prosper.


In addition, the area is blessed with various elements that support a full and healthy life: numerous historical architectural structures and World Heritage sites, a cutting-edge life sciences research community, a manufacturing industry with highly-advanced production technology, an assortment of gastronomy and sports-related experiences, and so on.


In 2025, Osaka and Kansai will be an experimental lab of creation for Designing Future Society for Our Lives. The new technology and services born here will be proposed and provided to countries around the world, thereby contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society on a global scale.


We look forward to welcoming all of you with our advanced and convenient transportation networks, world-class security, and spirit of hospitality.


Through the bidding activities to host the Expo, we hope to gain understanding and support from as many people as possible regarding these activities.


Let us work together to bring the Expo to Osaka/Kansai, Japan.


Masayoshi Matsumoto

Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation

Over the next three years, international sports events such as the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, and the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai will be held in Japan, but in order to sustain economic growth after these events, we must make the next move.


The World Expo in 2025 that we are aiming to bid for is expected to become an initiator of Japan's further development through increased expansion of inbound visitor flow and strengthening of economic exchanges with other countries.


With large cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, the Kansai region is the second largest economic zone in Japan with a population of 20 million people. The region also brings together industries in the fields of life science, the environment and energy conservation, and disaster prevention related to the Expo’s theme: "Designing Future Society for Our Lives." Through the Expo, we believe that business in Japan and other countries will become active in these fields, enabling us to contribute to the sustainable development of the world.


The Kansai business community will take this World Expo as a major opportunity for Japan to leap forward in its development, and will actively promote bidding efforts with the government and local governments under the 2025 Japan World Expo Committee.


We look forward to your tremendous support in realizing EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI.