What is 2025 Japan World Expo Committee?

Participants are sponsors from various organizations such as governments, including Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City, financial circles (enterprises) and individuals.

We aim to promote Osaka/Kansai's invitation for 2025 World Expo, not only as regional efforts by Osaka/Kansai, but as the whole country.

What exactly do you take for the invitation?

The host will be voted (*1) by 168 BIE member countries (*2).

World Expo Committee conducts attractive promoting activities to appeal to BIE member countries, along with the country's diplomacy.

We also implement activities to elevate our nation's expectations (excitements) of World Expo.

*1:As of April 2017

*2:Will be voted at a fall congress in 2018

2025 World Expo Overview

  • When

    May 3 - November 3, 2025 (185 days)

  • Where

    Yumeshima, Osaka (10km away from the center of the city)

  • Transportation

    Within 30 min. from Osaka Station, within 60 min. from Kansai International Airport by car

  • Theme

    Designing Future Society for Our Lives

  • Subtopic

    How to Lead a Healthy Life in a Diverse Manner
    Sustainable Socioeconomic Systems

  • Estimated scale of visitors

    Approximately 28 millions - 30 millions visitors