Expo Concept People’s Living Lab

Expo Concept

People's Living Lab

The People's Living Lab is a unique concept that will realise the full participation of all
8 billion people in the Expo 2025. It will enable everyone on Earth to take part in this unprecedented experiment.

Co-Creation with all Countries

We need to work together to achieve the SDGs.
Japan is already taking action to achieve these goals, using the latest technology and
sharing progress with various countries throughout the world.
EXPO 2025 OSAKA will continue on this path of co-creation in the 7 years leading up to the Expo.

Venue Concept Envisioning Future Society

Venue Concept

Envisioning Future Society

The venue plan reflects our vision of a future society through its key concepts of decentralisation and dispersion. Randomly placed pavilions represent individual citizens across the globe,making the Expo reflective of a future society that will be created by all people on this planet.

Yumeshima Island (Dream Island in Japanese) is a man-made island that will host the Expo and
help realise the concept of EXPO 2025 OSAKA.

The Khus, major plazas within the Expo, will be the highlights of
interaction and co-creation.

The layout of pavilions and site configuration highlights the diversity and
uniqueness of the EXPO 2025 OSAKA venue concept.