International Forum on EXPO 2025 Osaka-Kansai Held in Paris

The forum was held at Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris on 9th October, to explain and gain understanding more in depth regarding Japan’s proposed theme for Expo 2025 to BIE member states.

The speech by Yoshihiro Seki, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, along with videos, and a panel discussion by specialists and experts on Healthcare and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sent out messages that the World Expo 2025 in Osaka-Kansai will contribute to achieving SDGs. It was also stressed that the Expo will aim to realize “co-creation” by participants from across the world, and how Osaka-Kansai is a safe, secure, and comfortable city well suited for hosting an Expo.

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Photo: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

World Expo 2025 will be held in Osaka, Kansai, Japan!!We thank you most sincerely for your support and ask for your continued assistance for the success of World Expo 2025.