Kansai, with Osaka as its hub, is a region with a daring spirit to challenge, and a rich culture that blends the traditional with the modern. The city has born many unique ideas and inventions, like instant noodles, karaoke, and conveyor-belt sushi, which benefit the daily lives of many.
The first ever interconnected skyscraper, Umeda Sky Building embodies Osaka’s challenger spirit.

Vital Economic Centre Leading Technology and InnovationVital Economic Centre Leading Technology and Innovation

Essential Part of Japanese EconomyEssential Part of Japanese Economy

Top ranked companies headquartered in KansaiTop ranked companies headquartered in Kansai

The Fortune 2016 Global 500 by Fortune
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Itochu Corporation
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance Company
  • Kansai Electric Power Company
  • Daiwa House Industry
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries
Global RepTrak 100 by Reputation Institute
  • Nintendo
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Sharp Corporation

Close economic ties with Asian countriesClose economic ties with Asian countries

60% of the trades in Osaka, Kansai are to and from Asian countries.

Vibrant region full of entrepreneurial spiritVibrant region full of entrepreneurial spirit

The spirit has borne many unique ideas and inventions, which have had great, long-lasting benefit to society.

Win-Win-Win PhilosophyWin-Win-Win Philosophy

It embodies the long-held belief in the commerce of Kansai, in which business benefits not only the seller and the buyer, but society as a whole.

“Kansai can produce everything.”“Kansai can produce everything.”

Kansai is home to hundreds of thousands of global SMEs in a variety of sectors.

Centre of Advanced TechnologyCentre of Advanced Technology

Many institutes make Osaka, Kansai recognised globally as a hub for various types of advanced technology.

Wealth of Experience Promises Great Success of a Groundbreaking ExpoWealth of Experience Promises Great Success of a Groundbreaking Expo

Japan has successfully hosted five Expos in the past 50 years and has left significant legacies, which are a great source of pride for the country and support from the international community.
For example, Expo 1970 Osaka welcomed more than 64.2 million visitors, which held the record for the largest number of visitors for decades.

Japan enjoys world-leading experience and expertise, making it capable of implementing unprecedented initiatives. Thanks to this, Japan guarantees to bring forward new ideas for the generations to come.

Easy Access from the World and Gateway to AsiaEasy Access from the World and Gateway to Asia

Gateway to Asia with world-class sea ports and airports – 1,300 international flights every weekGateway to Asia with world-class sea ports and airports – 1,300 international flights every week

A Top Trending Global Destination A Top Trending Global Destination

Among tourist destinations in Japan, the proportion of Asian visitors is the highest in Osaka, Kansai. The New York Times selected Osaka as one of the “52 Places to Go” in 2017.

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai is expecting a large number of Asian visitors, giving participating countries opportunities to appeal to them.

Unique Sites in KansaiUnique Sites in Kansai

Easy Access to Major Tourist DestinationsEasy Access to Major Tourist Destinations

With a highly advanced network of roads and public transportation, the centre of Osaka is connected with Kyoto and Nara within only 30 minutes. Both cities are ancient capitals of Japan with an abundance of national treasures.


Osaka-jo Castle

With over 400 years of history,Osaka Castle is a beloved symbol of the city. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the contrast formed by the traditional castle framed against modern buildings.

A Thriving Shopping Arcade

Welcoming guests from all over the world with warmth and vitality is Osaka's Shopping Arcade. Various cultural delicacies are available at reasonable prices.

Ever-Improving City

Osaka flourished through its history of being a merchant hub. Many international and local enterprises are located in Osaka, and it is said
" there is nothing that cannot be made in Osaka."

Aqua Metropolis

With many rivers running throughout the city, and supported by numerous forms of water transport, Osaka is also known as the Aqua Metropolis. Nakanoshima Island is a beautiful island right in the heart of Osaka.


A city that has been at the heart of Japanese politics and culture for generations. Having the deepest impact on Japanese culture, Kyoto attracts enthusiasts from all over the world.


Bordering Kyoto, Nara has a long history of being the centre of politics and culture of Japan. To this day, Nara continues to offer the chance to enjoy the history of Japan's culture.

Rich Cultural Experience and Warm HospitalityRich Cultural Experience and Warm Hospitality

For more than 1,600 years, the Kansai region,was home to Japan’s capital. Astoundingly,half of Japan’s National Treasures and 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in the Kansai region.

Cultural delights

Friendly Locals Welcoming Guests from around the WorldFriendly Locals Welcoming Guests from around the World

The people of Osaka are known for their passion and friendliness. They are hospitable, open-minded and talkative to guests from around the world. They also hold the region’s tradition and customs dear.

Japanese Cuisine CapitalJapanese Cuisine Capital

Osaka, Kansai has more than 200 Michelin Star awarded restaurants. Not only sophisticated Japanese dishes drawing on seasonal ingredients, but also delicious, affordable foods are available in abundance.

Excellent Accommodations and World-Famous HospitalityExcellent Accommodations and World-Famous Hospitality

Visitors, staff and family members of participating countries can enjoy warm hospitality and traditional Japanese culture.

World Expo 2025 will be held in Osaka, Kansai, Japan!!We thank you most sincerely for your support and ask for your continued assistance for the success of World Expo 2025.