Request for Your Support to Realize Expo 2025 in Japan

2025 Japan World Expo Committee


The Government of Japan is promoting to host the Expo 2025 in Japan. The Expo will be an occasion to share technology and ideas to solve global issues and challenges your country faces. We seek for support from all over the world to promote this campaign.


How to Support

Please fill out the form (you only need to fill out your name) on the following page.


Outline of Expo 2025 in Japan

(1) Location : Osaka, Japan
(2) Duration : 3 May to 3 November 2025 (185 days)
(3) Number of Visitors: 28 Million (assumption)
(4) Theme : Designing Future Society for Our Lives
Subthemes : - How to Lead a Healthy Life in a Diverse Manner - Sustainable Socioeconomic Systems


The main theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” aims to share technology and ideas to achieve the United Nation’s “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” such as “No Poverty”, “Quality Education”, and “Good Health and Well-being”.


Innovation by private companies is expected to play an important role in achieving SDGs. There are already many companies involved in finding solutions to achieving SDGs through business activities. The following are examples of such activities.


(1) More than 700 robot suits are used to assist elderly people and to improve walking functions for people in need. It is also used to support staff who carry out nursing-care. (CYBERDYNE)
(2) 100 million antipersonnel mines are still buried, injuring more than 500,000 people. To tackle with this issue, there are 125 landmine disposal machines at work in 10 countries to bring back safe land. (Nikken Corporation)
(3) Solar powered LED lanterns are rented out at a low cost to 240,000 people in areas without electricity supply in Africa. (Digital Grid)


Searching for achievement of SDGs can become an opportunity to open new business frontier for companies, in line with the Japanese value of “Three-way Win”: meaning that business should not only benefit sellers, but also buyers and the society as a whole.


We would like to pursue a future society “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” by sharing technology and ideas through Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.



For further information, please contact:

Dr. Masayoshi Fuse